PM Modi congratulates Nitish Kumar after he takes oath as Bihar CM
Source :News Bharati English   Date :27-Jul-2017

Patna, July 27: A legacy of corruption, a long-term political tussle has come to an end as Nitish Kumar resigned from RJD Supported Bihar Government’s Chief Minister Post yesterday.  After ending this bitter political dilemma, on Thursday morning Nitish Kumar took oath as Bihar Chief Minister for the sixth time. BJP has extended its unconditional support to Kumar to form the government. Along with Nitish Kumar, BJP leader Sushil Kumar took oath as the deputy CM of Bihar. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated both the leader after their oath taking-ceremony.

Earlier in the day, Nitish Kumar was elected leader of the NDA during a meeting of NDA and JD(U) MLAs at his residence in Patna. With the support of 132 MLAs, the NDA enjoys a comfortable majority in the 243-member Bihar Assembly where 122 MLAs are required to prove majority. The Governor has given Nitish Kumar two days to prove majority on the floor of the Assembly.

Embeded ObjectJP Nadda has also congratulated Nitish Kumar’s step as against corruption. "After Nitish Kumar's resignation, the BJP is trying to bring stability in Bihar so that such political crisis doesn't arise. BJP wants development in Bihar. Nitish Ji's step against corruption is a courageous one," Nadda told. Earlier PM Modi told this step is in favor of a nation-wide demand to remove corruption from the country.

Congress leaders as usually expressed their hostility against this step. Despite all efforts from Congress, the alliance could not be saved. “Mandate was given to Nitish ji for the anti-communal fight but now he has joined hands with them for his personal politics,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said.