End to era of corruption; Nitish Kumar wins Bihar floor test
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-Jul-2017

Patna, July 28: Putting an end to long political tussle, an era of corruption Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar took the oath with the support from BJP on Thursday. As Nitish Kumar resigned from Bihar coalition government, he had to prove his majority in Bihar assembly. The whole nation had an eye on Bihar floor test or the trust vote in Bihar legislative assembly. Ending all conflicts, political tensions, Nitish Kumar wins the floor test.


Before the floor test started, Nitish Kumar addressed in assembly. On breaking the alliance he told, Bihar people were feeling the tension of the mismatch in Gathbandhan or alliance. The mandate was given to serve people. Hence his intentions to break the alliance were totally a mass welfare -oriented decision. In the floor test, he got 131 votes in favor, 108 votes against him.

When he was questioned over not supporting a secular ideology, he told "Secularism can't mask corruption," Deputy CM Sushil Modi also said the previous "mandate was not for corruption."
To prove his existence in the new political scenario, Tejashwi Yadav asked Nitish Kumar some irrelevant questions.“This was a drama to mould public perception. If you (Nitish) had to go with BJP, why did you make four governments in four years? ” he said. he blamed Nitish Kumar for using the mandate which was in favor of grand alliance only.
As Lalu Prasad's son was charged by CBI in IRCTC Hotel Tendre case, the demand of Tejashwi's resignation was increasing. But in a meeting, Lalu totally ruled out the idea. After that, Nitish Kumar resigned as JD(U) was determined to keep a clean image of Nitish.