NATO fears U.S backing, could push Europe towards more nuclear weapons
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 03-Jul-2017

Brussels, July 3: NATO alliance which is a crucial bridge between European countries and U.S.A is an intergovernmental military alliance signed first in 1949. Since then, all the 29 countries/members have been providing military shield to each of their members if one falls in the attack. In the NATO alliance, the top countries that have the maximum warheads are Russia and then U.S. Recently, U.S has threatened Europe on withdrawing its security umbrella from the NATO alliance if other members don’t push their development on the nuclear weapons.

France and the United Kingdom are the only the European Union’s nuclear powers, both have fewer than 5% of the number of warheads held by Russia and U.S. President Trump thinks the U.S. pays too much to guarantee European countries’ security and has urged NATO members to spend more on defence. U.S and Russia have both 7,000 warheads each.

The way Trump is withdrawing itself from most of the alliances has grown concerns in Europe and Asia. Three asian countries that are coming in the limelight of upping their nuclear weapons are India, Pakistan and North Korea. In the years to come, the two nuclear power packed countries, i.e. Russia and U.S will decline their support from NATO.