Plantation is only solution for giving clean environment to future generation
Source :News Bharati English   Date :03-Jul-2017

Bhopal, July 3: Expressing concern over the rising temperature of the Earth due to global warming Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that tree plantation is essential for giving clean environment to the coming generation.

Mentioning the Paris Agreement from the environment conservation point of view the Chief Minister said that by 2050, the temperature of the earth will rise by 2 degree celcius. Glaciers will begin to melt, oceans will swell up, villages, and island will submerge under water.

Rain cycle will turn uncontrollable and the very existence of human beings would be at peril. Today the soil of Madhya Pradesh is spreading message and trying to save the Narmada from climatic changes, he added.

Addressing the people in Grand Plantation programme at Jabapur district, Chief Minister said that by record plantations at the Narmada river Basin and banks, the people of the state have spread the message of environment conservation to the world.

In Madhya Pradesh, a huge plantation campaign was organized on Sunday to save the environment and conserve the river Narmada. That was the world’s peerless example of public participation and river conservation. Elders, children, women, students, farmers, social activists, journalists, administrative officers, police personnel and people from all walks of life are planting saplings.