100% ‘Green’ system in the world: Delhi Metro bags ‘World’s 1st Green Metro’ title
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Jul-2017
New Delhi, July 30: ‘World’s first green metro’ title goes to Delhi Metro. The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) has become the world’s 1st ever Metro system to get a green certification for all its major buildings and installations. Delhi Metro has become the only completely 'green' Metro system in the world for adhering to green building norms for its residential colonies, officials said.

DMRC Managing Director Mangu Singh emphasised the need for 'green transport'. Energy consumption has increased by 700% in the last four decades in the country and this will increase further three times by 2030.

National Conference on Green Metro Systems kicked off where Dr. Prem C. Jain, Chairman of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), congratulated the capital’s Metro network by saying, “Delhi Metro is the first to become a green Metro. The platinum ratings that they have got are hard-earned and a lot of toil has gone into the process.”

India’s transport sector plays a critical role in the implementation and promotion of environment-friendly and sustainable practices in the country. Managing Director Mangu Singh continued saying that “The country’s energy consumption has increased by 700% in the last four decades. This will increase three times more by 2030. One of the major users of energy is the transport sector, especially urban transport. Therefore, it is very relevant to focus on Metro systems and talk of green Metro.”