Jaffa Riots: Clashes erupt between Israel Police and Arabs after rioter shot dead
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Jul-2017

Jaffa, July 30: Deadly riots broke out between Israeli forces and the Jaffa residentials when some of the masked men threw rocks and burned tires on the Yeffet streets and Haj Kahil Junction. The riots got more intense after 21 years old, Identified as al-Saadi was killed by Israel policemen who flew from the street after inciting the riot.

Clashes broke out Saturday afternoon between outraged local protesters and Israeli police. Masked protesters blocked the roads while impelling the riots on the Yeffet streets by burning tires, garbage containers and stone pelting; also smashed police cars. Israeli police detained men suspicious on throwing stones at them and chased those two men who fled away from the riot site.


The man who was killed by police on Friday night was suspected by law enforcement officers of being involved in a shooting incident in Jaffa and trying to flee the scene. Israeli police shot two of them, one of them was pronounced dead early morning.

The family of the youngster killed by the police accused officers of "killing him in cold blood". Jaffa's killing comes on the heels of another controversy last month when a young man was shot dead by a security officer at a police station in the Arab town of Kafr Qasim in Israel. Meanwhile, the circumstances behind this Jaffa riots incident were transferred for review by the Police Investigation Department.

Presently, there has been unrest emerging between Israel-Palestine since the shootout that took place at Al Aqsa Mosque and after the high-security features were installed. Israel detached all the security measures installed at the holy shrine on the demands of the protestors. But looking at the present scenario, the situations aren’t under control yet.