Russia shows off its naval strength on Navy Day
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Jul-2017

St. Petersburg, July 30: Since 1939 Russia started celebrating Navy Day on the last Sunday of July to honor the Navy veterans. The Navy Day is celebrated with grand parades, demonstrations, and simulated maritime operations in coastal cities with fleets. This day is not a mere holiday in India but also but also a glorious tradition. The main parade has been taken place in St. Petersburg.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was present in the naval parade. Kremlin paraded its sea power from the Baltic Sea to the shores of Syria. Around 50 warships and submarines were on show. This was the first time to have such a grand scale parade.
"The navy is not only dealing with its traditional tasks but also responding with merit to new challenges, making a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism and piracy," Putin said.

"Today, the Navy completes not only the traditional tasks, but also adequately responds to the new challenges, makes a significant contribution to the struggle against terrorism and piracy. Children and grandchildren would be proud of the sailors of the modern Navy," Putin said at the parade.

In Russia’s history, this is the first time Russian President has received the main parade. In addition to that, Russian Navy has marked the 321 anniversary.