No Govt job, passport if you unnecessarily pull chain of train
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 04-Jul-2017

New Delhi, July 4: You will be made ineligible for a government job if you unnecessarily pull the emergency chain of a train. People caught pulling chains will have to pay a fine of Rs 1000 or one year sentence or both, under the Railway Act. They will also be ineligible for passports and government jobs under the new system. The Ministry of Railways has given the green signal for this.

The decision comes after the ministry declared that the railways suffer up to Rs 3000 crore in losses because trains ran late due to indiscriminate chain-pulling by passengers.

According to the ministry, most of the delays in trains are caused when chains are pulled by the passengers, not because of an emergency, but for personal reasons like stopping the train where they want.

The Railways lists 33 categories of reasons for delays, of which seven are outside its direct control, such as the alarm chain being pulled, protests on the tracks, bad weather, accidents, and law and order.

According to Railway norms, a train that is up to 15 minutes delayed is considered on time. Beyond that, the punctuality parameters are divided into brackets of minutes: 16 to 30, 31 to 45 and 46 to 60.