The number of flowing refugee, migrant from Libya to Europe increasing with time
Source :News Bharati English   Date :05-Jul-2017

Geneva, July 5: The fraught, famine, civil war, Islamic group problems are hitting Africa badly. With the increase in such problems, the refugee problem is mounting globally. To find secured better shelter, migrants from West and Central Africa are traveling to Europe. Though the danger in the route from Libya to Europe kills many migrants, movements have increased there. United Nations refugee agency has completed a study which indicates an increase of the movement.

The migrators are traveling to Europe with the faith that they could find jobs in European countries. But unfortunately, they end up in a background full of life-threatening insecurity, instability, difficult economic conditions and widespread exploitation and abuse.

“Foreign nationals going to Libya are part of mixed migration flows, meaning that people with different backgrounds and motivations travel together along the same routes, often with the help of ruthless people smugglers and criminal gangs,” UN refugee agency said in a statement.

80% of the refugees and migrants are young population. They travel alone. The number of children traveling alone is also rising. They can easily be victims of trafficking.

The migration flow which is mixed in nature includes refugees, asylum seekers, and economic migrants, unaccompanied minors, and environmental migrants, victims of trafficking and stranded migrants. Surprisingly, the refugees and migrants in Libya also included individuals from as far as Syria, Iraq, and Bangladesh.

UNHCR has recently issued an appeal for $75.5 million to strengthen protection monitoring and interventions. Now the agency is putting much effort in Libya and the neighboring countries to provide credible alternatives, find durable solutions.