Try, try till you succeed: After failing two times, SpaceX successfully launched Intelsat35e satellite
Source :News Bharati English   Date :06-Jul-2017

Cape Canaveral, July 6: After two launch failures, SpaceX successfully launched a broadband communications satellite for Intelsat on Wednesday finally. The satellite Intelsat 35e lifted off from Cape Canaveral by Falcon 9 rocket. Can we say here is the very good example for - try, try till you succeed!

Over the successful launch "Done our best to ensure all is good,” said SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk. Around half an hour after launch, SpaceX successfully deployed the Intelsat 35e satellite to its target geostationary transfer orbit. 

The Intelsat 35e mission involved launching an orbital communications satellite built by Boeing for SpaceX client Intelsat, which is designed to provide high-throughput network capability for broadband and video applications for a geographic area covering the Caribbean, parts of Europe and Africa. The satellite is the fourth of Intelsat's EpicNG next-generation high throughput satellites, nd aims to improve wireless connectivity for the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. 

Embeded Object

SpaceX had originally set the launch for Sunday evening, but that launch was aborted with 10 seconds left in the countdown by an automated failsafe. This ended up being a problem with the acceptable limits set on the rocket guidance systems, rather than anything technically wrong with the rocket itself, SpaceX said. 

Another attempt on Monday evening also saw the countdown stall at 10 seconds due to automated override, as a first stage measurement didn’t match a pre-launch figure. Elon Musk tweeted earlier on Wednesday that after a review of all systems, the team was ready to try again, and SpaceX says it had modified the figures in the automated check system to match the actuals.