Russia gets back at US with the claim of interference in Russia's domestic policy
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 07-Jul-2017

Moscow, July 7: The controversy of Russia meddling in last US election was mounting in recent months. Yesterday US President Donald Trump has said he did not exclude a possibility of Russia's intervention in the American election. However, other countries could do it too, and no one knows for certain what really happened, he added. Based on these allegations, Russia backfired the US on Thursday. An official spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova spoke about America's interference in Russia's internal affairs.

Zakharova clearly expressed her discontent over US Media’s daily update on Russia’s role in US election. She wanted to express the real experience how the US interfered in Russia’s domestic policy. Back in 2014, Obama administration openly played a significant role to create an internal crisis in Russia. To provoke change in power they tried to create social discontent among Russian people.

"It was a worldwide call to intervene in Russia's internal life to give the Russian people a sense of the degree of their isolation. They directly declared that in the spring and in the summer of 2014, then Washington initiated sanctions against our country," the spokesperson said.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry, US is continuously trying to interfere in an internal crisis of Russia with the help of non-governmental and international organizations. "In reality, the foundations exist at the expense of the US budget and are nothing else but a tool of Washington's foreign policy. The above-mentioned US law from 2014 openly speaks about the use of non-governmental organizations in the work to show influence on the situation inside Russia.  The budget provides for $20 million annually for the purpose”, she added.

Russia seems very much disappointed with the current controversy. What the US is campaigning with such hype, Russia is dealing the same issue since a long time. The law on the support of freedom of Ukraine signed by Obama in December 2014 has been dragged in the speech as an example of US’s direct and undisguised call for intervention in Russian internal affairs.