Amid all blame game, Political leaders have agreed social media played evil role in Basirhat riot
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Jul-2017

Kolkata, July 9: The state which once was called “golden Bengal” now can be called as “burning Bengal”. The lacks of administrative power, political intention of various political parties have made the state suffer a lot. After Gorkhland, Baduria-Basirhat violence has taken way the peace of all statesmen. The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has decided to set up a judicial inquiry committee to probe the reasons instigating the riot. The retired judge of Calcutta High Court, Soumitra Paul will head the commission.

“The decision to create a judicial commission is in the interest of a neutral investigation. The government has a lot of information about who played this role in Basirhat, Baduriya this time. After the formation of the commission, the government will give these inputs.”, Bengal CM said.

The Bengal CM as usually has blamed the center. She has told border area as the responsibility of Central Government.  She has also targeted some national media by saying their role was controversial during this phase. How they carried on their sting operations that would be investigated.

BJP state secretary Dilip Ghosh has also replied to all the blames. He has termed all these as silly talk. As he said, when the CM cannot take the responsibility of law and order then she starts blaming others. For Basirhat case, public interest case has been filed in Calcutta High Court. To manage this damage, she has set up this new commission, as Dilip Ghosh said.

Though all the leaders have agreed on one thing, Social media has played an evil role in the riot. Much fake news, video clippings, photoshopped images were spread in Social Media which provoked the problem largely.