Beware! Maharashtra police soon to get ‘cow meat detection’ kits
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Jul-2017

Mumbai, July 9: As the nation is reeling under the reform of ‘ban on cow slaughter’, Maharashtra police will soon get portable ‘cow meat detection’ kits. These ‘cow meat detection’ kits will be able to examine the meat samples and will help police detect the beef in a quick manner.

The “Cow Meat Detection ELISA Kit” can provide results within half-an-hour, said K.Y. Kulkarni, Director of Forensic Science Laboratories FSL. With this kit, officials would be able to examine meat samples on the spot,” Kulkarni said.

“We have been working on the kit for the last few months along with Hyderabad-based scientist Dr Bhanushali. All 45 mobile FSL vans in the state will have this kit soon,” he said. The kit will help police secure more convictions in cases of beef possession or transportation, he said.

If the meat sample fed into the kit contains beef, it turns yellow. Then it shall be sent for further confirmation to FSL, he said. Each portable kit is expected to cost around Rs. 8,000. As the kit will help determine if the sample contains beef or not on the spot, police need not make arrests or seizures on mere suspicion, Kulkarni said.