Source: News Bharati English09 Jul 2017 14:25:09

Chennai, July 9: In this new era of Digital India, Chennai soon to welcome battery operated buses accommodated with Wi-Fi facility and CCTV’s along with cashless transactions, air-conditioned buses of transport operations, air-conditioned sleeper buses. 

Speaking at the Assembly, Transport Minister M.R.Vijayabhaskar made several announcements regarding new facilities in the buses of Chennai.  Minister Vijayabhaskar said that battery-run buses would soon be seen in Chennai. 

Taking into consideration the cost of the green bus will cost around Rs.1.20 Crore to Rs.1.50 Crore. “Wi-Fi facility will be provided in all air-conditioned buses of State Transport Corporations,” said Vijayabhaskar. He also said that cashless transactions would be implemented in all transport corporations. CCTV units would be installed in buses in a phased manner. Air-conditioned sleeper buses would be inducted into the fleet of State Express Transport Corporation.