Gaza in darkness; Egypt cuts down fuel supply due to lack of payment
Source :News Bharati English   Date :09-Jul-2017

Gaza, July 9: The ongoing conflict between Hamas group in Gaza and Palestinian Authority is leading to more trouble of the civilians in the Gaza strip. Electricity is already a problem in the area. Two hours electric per day is the only source of power there. Making the situation worse, Egypt has cut down fuel delivery to Gaza due to lack of payment.

According to Gaza’s power authority deliveries of fuel that had been purchased from Egypt were reduced by between 33 and 50 percent. Gaza has only one power plant consisting 3 generators. Two of them were offline on Saturday.  The authority said that happened because of "the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah stopped all the financial transactions through Palestinian banks to Egypt to buy fuel".

Palestinian Authority has blamed Hamas in defense. According to it, Hamas is the source of all problems in Gaza. It could accept the initiative of the Palestinian president,  Mahmud Abbas to end the split.  The authority neither denied nor accepted the claim of freezing fuel payment.

Recently due to their long term conflict with Hamas, Palestinian Authority stopped the supply of energy to Gaza. Followed by the step, Israel also started reducing it. In that situation, Egypt extended its help to Gaza. But now that is also under question.

Two million people in Gaza strip are spending their life with two hours electricity per day. Back in the last tear July, a poll found 47% of f Gazans would like to emigrate. This situation may lead to such steps.