New world order in making: Trump decides to stand with Modi: #G20 photo session [VIDEO]
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Jul-2017

Hamburg, July 9: Positive vibes and warmth between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi crossed the typical diplomatic protocol when US President preferred to stand beside PM Modi and that too in second row. A video of the G20 leaders' photo-op is doing the rounds. Earlier Trump walked directly to Modi for an "impromptu interaction".

The video might give goosebumps to the haters of Trump and Liberals in India who have a pathological desorder to hate Modi, when Trump and his wife Melainia are seen being welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the leaders gather for the photo-opportunity, then Trump is seen walking past the first row to stand alongside Modi in the second row.

Trump also seen cracking some joke about Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

The body language in the recent G20 summit in Hamburg in Germany is a broader issue to discuss. But the growing comradary between Trump and Modi is something special for both the Nations indicative of a new Global order in which India is much favored nation for many of the nations, thanks to Modi Govt's diplomatic excellence.

Similarly, on the second day of the G20 summit, Donald Trump walked up to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for "an impromptu interaction".

Arvind Panagariya, sherpa for India at the Summit, tweeted about the "interaction", along with pictures of the two leaders and others just before start of the second day of working sessions of the G20 Summit ending today.
"In an impromptu interaction at the G20 Summit, POTUS (President of the US) waves to the PM, walks to him, other leaders gather around. Gr8 moments," Panagariya tweeted.

Modi and Trump had met in Washington in June-end for a bilateral meeting. It was their first face-to-face interaction.

In their first ever meetings, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump on struck a common note on errorism, vowing to strengthen efforts to fight the scourge and eliminate safe havens for terrorists. “Eliminating terrorism is among the topmost priorities for us,” Modi said in his joint statement with the US president at the White House Rose Garden. “We talked about terrorism, extremism and radicalisation and agreed to cooperate on this. Fighting terrorism and doing away with the safe shelters, sanctuaries, and safe havens will be an important part of our cooperation,” he said.