#JeaySindhudesh : State Atrocities against student activism of Sindh
Source :NewsBharati   Date :01-Aug-2017
A profound example of persecution and violations of the human rights of the innocent people of the oppressed nations from the past is the so-called operation of Pakistani forces against the Bandit insurgency in the last decade of 20th century, when hundreds of innocent Sindhi villagers suffered the brutalities of Army and entire Riverine Forests of Sindh were cleansed. After the independence of Bangladesh from the Punjabi yoke when Zia's Regime was at its peak, the martial order was passed to Ban Students Union in Sindh (1979) and then across the country a few years later (1983).
This was not the first time when student politics was prohibited but, but a similar ban was also imposed earlier by General Ayyub's Regime (country's First Dictator in 1958). But the second order had to bring more as it proved to be the start of Direct Intervention of Law Enforcement Agencies in academic institutes of Sindh. The Core reason behind the ban was to guarantee that G.M Syed's Separatist thoughts may not prevail among Sindhi Youth.
 The Pioneer of Sindhudesh Movement, Mr. GM Syed laid the foundations of Independence Struggle of Sindh by constituting a Students-Organization Namely Jeay Sindh Students' Federation (JSSF) in 1973. In those days, JSSF proved to be the spark for Independence Movement across Sindh, They Proposed flag for the ideal State of Sindhudesh, advocated the movement visiting small towns & cities and soon became widespread. Students Union Election were also going to be held in Universities of Sindh, the same year the ban was imposed.
Students Activism across the country which was Against Military Regime, Islamization of Pakistan & Against Z.A Bhutto's Hypocrite Semi-Dictatorship was harshly treated since the late 70s'. As IJT's (Islami Jamiat Talba) notorious 'Thunder Squad' was formed in the 1980s by Dictator Zia’s Regime at the University of Karachi, Capital of Sindh, to crush nationalist, Leftist & Liberal students Organizations including JSSF, BSO, NSF, PSF, LSO, DSF and other progressive Alliances.
In Sindh, JSSF was banned totally, Later in 1986, a long-bus carrying top-leadership & many activists heading to attend the conference in Medical college at Larkana was hurdled by Pakistan's Army At Jamshoro & Opened bullet fires. In result, Four of the leaders died on the spot, scores were severely wounded & hundreds were arrested by Pakistan's Army. They were detained for a long time or imprisoned without any charges against them. These type of the atrocities continue till today.
The worst conditions at Universities & colleges of Sindh, where none of the educational institutes is free from Checkpoints, Barracks & Watch Towers of Law Enforcement Agencies. Abductions, enforced disappearances, inhuman torture and extra-judicial killings of the students specifically, Many Activists & Leaders of JSSF (Student wing of Sindh's renown Pro-Freedom Organization i.e. JSMM) were subjected to Enforced disappearances, Long-term detentions, Extra-judicial Killings. Asad Abbasi, Babar Sandeelo, Afzal Pahnwer, Shakeel Khuhaaro, Asif Pahnwer, Amir khuhawar are among many who were forcibly disappeared & then extra-judicially killed and dumped at different roadsides in towns & cities of Sindh.
While, Number of activists since 2009 have been abducted, detained, inhumanely tortured & released after months of detentions in critical condition. Till date, Allah Wadhayo Mahar, A 12th standard student from a college of Karachi, who was abducted after by LeAs, is still missing since 2014. Mohan Das Menghwar, an Engineering student from Jamshoro, was abducted in the year 2015 & is still missing. Sohail Bhatti, Ex-Vice chairman of JSSF is missing since 2016, he was abducted after severe torture in front of College Administration from Degree College Shahdadkot.

Altash talpur was arrested by Pakistan's Paramilitary Forces after a massive operation during December 2016, at Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, along 42 other students, mostly JSSF activists, is still missing while others were released by LeAs'. Farman Hingoro student of University of Sindh, went missing in January 2017, while returning home from the university, Afterwards, Para-military troops of Pakistan Raided his house & also tried to abduct his father.
Including above, more than 100 other activists of JSSF-JSMM were held in past, went missing & left after severe torture. Apart from this, 11th standard student Asif Baat from Dadu city of Sindh, was sentenced to 21 Years imprisonment in so-called charges, Zafar Nohani 12th standard Student of Sehwan College was forcibly disappeared after a massive raid at his house and was brought to court after 2 months of Enforced disappearance and is still imprisoned without trial.
Nasrullah Jamali, Student of Education department at Shah Abdul Latif University was abducted from campus in the year 2016 & after 3 months of enforced disappearance he was also charged with fake terrorism charges & is still in prison without any trial. Chairman of JSSF-JSMM & renown nationalist student leader of Sindh, Mr. Hafeez Pirzado, was arrested after an attack by Police, Rangers & Spy agencies from political gathering held in his village near Mohenjo Daro.
Many of the eye-witnesses can tell the story still, that Pakistani officials sieged his town, shot him and arrested him wounded. He was later Brought to court after massive protests throughout the Sindh. He was imprisoned without fair trial for a year than sentenced him 37 years in prison by Pakistans' Biased & military dictated Anti-Terrorism Court. He was left in the critical health condition with bullet wounds in Jail as a War-prisoner. He was severely tortured by Spy Agencies despite Being in prison. He raised anti-Pakistan slogans of 'Na Khapey, Na Khapey, Pakistan Na khapey' (We don't need Pakistan, Down with Pakistan) in the Pakistani court. All the nationalist leaders of Sindh condemned his illegal arrest & detention.
During the time, Chairman of JSMM, Shafi Muhammad Burfat said in a press statement that ' If Hafeez Pirzado will be brought to public courts & his trial will be in front of Public, He will be ready to accept his rebellion & charges of sedition'. But Pakistani court trialled him inside the jail & was sentenced to 37 years, in prison in August 2016. He is restricted to meet with his family only. While On the other Hand, Educational institutes are subjected to Religious Extremism & radicalization by the open support, aid & allowing Religious student outfits like Muhammadia Students (Student Wing of Hafiz Saeed led JuD), IJT, Muslim Students Federation for open-activism, Whereas, Progressive, Secular & nationalist org's' are banned from practicing student politics.
These all irony circumstances are to Depoliticize, Radicalize & divert students to veil the ongoing Economical, Geographical, Socio-Political Exploitation of Sindh by Pakistan's fascist Army and state.
Being Sindh's affected Students’ organization, JSSF, We appeal & urge Worldwide Human Rights Organizations, International community, United Nations, Civilized countries like EU, USA, UK, India, Israel & others, and Students, Journalists, intellectuals of Asian countries to take serious notice of these ongoing atrocities by Pakistan's vicious State against Secular, Progressive, Nationalist student politics of Sindh and help us for the safe recovery of Missing student activists of Sindh.