France backed a new law to ‘clean up politics’ in the wake of fake jobs scandal
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Aug-2017
Paris, August 10: Corruption is one of the main downfalls of any new government that comes into power. Pondering on the topic closely, French Parliament has backed a new law to clean up the French politics. A campaign that President Emmanuel Macron kick started on Wednesday amidst all the surrounding scandals.

A total of 412 lawmakers backed the bill, which will notably scrap cash handouts for lawmakers to spend on areas and NGOs of their choice. "Practices... that were probably tolerated, maybe accepted for some time, are no longer accepted today," Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told French radio.
Macron’s roller coaster journey so far:
The presidential campaign that saw Macron take power in May, becoming France's youngest-ever President. One survey published last week showed just 36 percent of respondents held a positive view of the former economy minister and investment banker, who shot to power promising to overcome France's entrenched right-left divide. He has since come under fire for his labour reform programme, budget and public spending cuts as well as a plan to create an official First Lady position for his 64-year-old wife Brigitte.
Proposed defence cuts, part of a plan to trim 4.5 billion euros ($5.3 billion) to bring France's budget deficit within EU limits led to a public spat last month with the head of the French armed forces, General Pierre de Villiers. Macron rebuked the general after he had complained about the impact of cuts at a time the army was in action in the Middle East and West Africa as well as at home. De Villiers resigned a few days later.
The young president faces more turbulence in September, with some union leaders calling for demonstrations against labour reforms at the centre of Macron's election manifesto. Parliament last week adopted a bill allowing the government to fast-track changes to the labour code to give employers more power to negotiate working conditions directly with workers.
The hardline CGT union has called for countrywide strikes and protests on September 12.