Kerala RSS Murders- Legal notice issued to Kerala Chief Secy, DGP and SP
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 10-Aug-2017

Thiruvanthapuram, Aug 10: Vinay Joshi, a social worker has sent a legal notice through his Supreme Court lawyer Umesh Sharma to the Kerala State Chief Secretary, DGP and SP of Thiruvananthapuram in the matter of brutal murder of the RSS activist who was murdered a few days ago.

Rajesh Edavokade, 34, was hacked to death in a deadly attack by CPM activists on July 29, 2017 while he was returning home from the daily shakha of RSS. The perpetrators of this heinous crime inflicted as many as 85 stab wounds besides severing his limbs resulting in his death.

The incident has evoked nationwide reaction against the CPM hooliganism targeted particularly towards the RSS in Kerala. Senior RSS leaders like Sah-Sarkaryawah Dattatreya Hosabale addressed a press conference and blamed the CPM-led LF Government for the attacks on RSS cadre. The RSS also held a protest demonstration at Jantar-Mantar on August 9 to voice their concern over the brutal killing of RSS activist in Kerala.



It was against this background that this notice is darted to the high administrative and police officers of the state by the SC lawyer Umesh Sharma on behalf of Vinay Joshi.

The notice called for high level indulgence of the authorities and urged the state government to ensure safety and security of the citizens at large and more particularly the RSS workers.

The notice also demanded that Rajesh murder case be handed over the CBI as Kerala police is not expected to do justice with the investigation in this case.

The notice addressed to Kerala Chief Secretary Nalini Netto, DGP Loknath Behra and SP of Thiruvananthapuram urged them to take immediate steps to put a full stop to such violent incidents targeted against the RSS workers by the CPM activists in collusion with notorious Quotation Gangs and Islamic Jihadi radicals.

The notice said that if immediate action was not taken they will move the Supreme Court for directing the state government in this case. “In near future, we will also move another petition to expedite legal proceedings in the matter pending against Kerala Chief Minister Pinnarayi Vijayan in murder cases”, the notice said.

We are going to pursue each and every murder of RSS worker in legal way and will take every matter to conclusive end, it added further.

RSS activist Rajesh Edavakode was hacked to death at Sreekaryam area of Thiruvananthapura, on 29/7/17 by some CPM activists just because he was working in the area for the RSS and uplift of Hindus. Rajesh Edavakode was waylaid and attacked by a gang of CPM activists when he was going home after attending the daily meeting of his organization. He succumbed to the injuries at a private hospital on the same day.

Vinay Joshi visited the house of Rajesh and met the family members of the deceased and was shocked to see the collusive inactivity of the Kerala police who has failed to take any action till date and to ensure the safety of life and liberty of the citizen of the area.

The prime petrpetrator of the crime are Manikuttan, Vijith, Abey, Vipin, Shuju, Moni, Saaju, Arun, Gireesh, Manoj, Rajesh, Mahesh and Pramod are all of them CPM members and have been threatening Rajesh since long which fact was several times communicated to the local police. The local police have failed to take any action on the repeated complaints of Rajesh who was seeking protection from the state-sponsored terrorism by the CPM activists.

The notice said that in recent past there has been number of killing, attacks on the RSS workers who are working the area for checking forcible conversion by foreign Christian missionaries. As a matter of fact, the cadre of the RSS working in Kerala is being threatened and intimidated on daily basis and is living under constant threat and not able to preach their religion in a country where the freedom to practice a religion is a fundamental right.

That it is painful to state that the state police is acting in partisan manner siding with the ruling party more like a paid cadre of CPM instead of performing their duties faithfully and look after the law and order situation in the state.

The notice also alleged that the Kerala Police is implicating and threatening the persons opposing the illegal activities and vandalism being done by the cadre of CPM in the state and is indulging in silencing all the democratic opposition by people of the state.

The senior officers of Kerala Police have not taken any action on the field officers who have failed to act and protect the life of the innocent persons. It is clear that the police department has turned its blind eye due to political pressure.

Blaming the Kerala police of acting in a partisan manner in this case the notice said that transparent investigation in this case seems to be impossible and therefore, the case should be handed over to the CBI to do justice with the process of investigation in this case.