Hamid Ansari – the Frightened Muslim – who was VEEP once
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Aug-2017
It is a strange coincident that today is the anniversary of disgraceful agitation by the Muslims on Azad Maidan, Mumbai 7 years back in 2012. The day we saw ‘frightened’ Muslims ‘upset’ with Rohingya Muslims getting a raw deal in Myanmar (remember, not India). They were so upset that they kicked and broke down ‘Amar Jawan’ memorial.
 They were so upset that they molested lady constables. They were so secure in their minority privileges as the frightened community that they forced Police chief of the time to suspend (or transfer) a lady police who shared her grief about her helplessness in in-house magazine and apologise (if I am not wrong).

I don’t remember any of the perpetrators made to pay for this sacrilege so far. Nor do I remember Hamid Ansari the ex-VEEP of the time ever expressing anger, or disappointment or displeasure about this incident of his fellow frightened community members.

I don’t remember this weeping VEEP condemning targeted attacks on North East Indians in different parts of the country, most prominently in Pune, Bengaluru etc. for something (atrocities in Myanmar) in which they had no role. I haven’t heard of any action on these insecure rioters.

I don’t recall the weeping VEEP censuring the younger partner, Akbaruddin Owaisi, of the famed neo-Jinnah AIMIM Pvt Ltd – for threatening to clear India of Hindus in 15 minutes.

Yes, the weeping VEEP did express his displeasure obliquely under garb of intolerance with lynching, non-attacks on Church etc. But no dismay at killing of non-violent cow protectors. Did the weeping VEEP ever raise his concern at rioting insecure ‘minority’ mobs of Bengal attacking ‘majoritarian Hindus’ under his nose in public or private?

Is Indian Muslim truly feeling threatened in India? I doubt it. Ask any traffic police or police station in areas where Muslims are even 20% of the population - a poor minority. Just yesterday a traffic police was slapped for asking a poor insecure Muslim to follow the law. (lucky to not get killed like his compatriot some months back in Mumbai) in neighbouring Thane.

I didn’t hear the weeping VEEP censure any politician making disparaging comments about any religion, or express his dismay about corrupt lawlessness of politicians which he could do rightfully as a highly respectable secure Constitutional leader of this nation.

Frankly speaking, I am afraid as a citizen about rising crime graph, irrespective of religion. The target can be any community. But, now even crime is communalized with media first finding ‘kaun jaat hai’ before reporting the crime. I am afraid of rising communalization of media narrative. I am afraid that Urban Naxal Breaking India forces question the very basis of India’s nationhood on various counts know that no action will be taken against them for insulting our nation, our forces and show middle finger to law & order, secure in the knowledge that nothing will happen as ‘law will take its own course’.

With all due respect to even BJP government, such anarchists move around freely thumbing their noses at the law enforcing agencies. I am afraid of rising trend of treating woman as a commodity irrespective of religion or caste. But, I never heard the weeping VEEP raising his concern.

I hope the weeping VEEP will express his regret in his biography (which he will surely write to encash his 10 years of luxury as VEEP of this great republic) that he was so afraid of Congress of Sonia Gandhi that he frustrated the passing of Lokpal Bill for which crores of citizens around India and their representatives sat awake till midnight expectantly; on flimsy excuse of a paper ball thrown at him and tearing of a piece of paper!

Mr. weeping VEEP was so afraid – I assume not as a Muslim but as the Chairman of Rajya Sabha – that he never had the courage to expel Congress MPs going amok and getting RS adjourned endlessly because they felt threatened about action against their corrupt past. Remember he was totally ‘Secure’ in his job. Nobody could remove him. But, probably he was insecure about his placement post retirement in a cushy job on either side of the fence.

As a person from education background with his family probably running many an institutions and he too boasting of being an intellectual, he will surely know that Muslim population has risen much higher as compared to Hindus since independence and they form much higher significant part of population. A fact the Jihadi Mullahs, promoted and cajoled by so called Secular Casteist parties, know and exploit to the hilt under the garb of Constitutional rights.

They are out to exploit these legal systems to ultimately bring in ‘Nizame Mustafa’ and establish ‘Dar-ul-Harb’. He would be also aware that at the same time population of Hindus across Indian continent and South East Asia has been dropping down precariously. But, he the roaming goodwill ambassador of India was never heard of speaking the unspeakable in those countries.

I do hope the weeping VEEP will clear the air whether Muslims of India are afraid or insecure or he is insecure about India with no clear post retirement sinecure in sight. May be Sonia and her party will now find him some cushy job in their party. National Herald could be a good opening. Enough space there to go back to his secular days and spread venom about the society.