Identify, deport all Rohingya Muslims immediately: MHA orders to all States
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Aug-2017

New Delhi, August 11: Refugees, migrants remains the biggest problem of the whole world as it damages the economy and poses threat to the sovereignty of the country. Recently, United States banned the refugees of six Islamic countries and walking on the same path India has also decided to ban Rohingya Muslims in the country and deport them immediately as they possess threat to the country.


The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory on the 8th of August this year which was circulated to all the states and Union Territories noted that Rohingya Muslims possess a great threat to country and countrymen, therefore the administration should identify all the illegal immigrants and deport them immediately. Rohingyas currently stay in Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana etc.

However, the initiative of Central government comes after seeking the report from intelligence agencies that these illegal migrants or Rohingyas could be involved in Bodh Gaya blast. On the other side, these Rohingyas could be exploited easily Lashkar terror outfit to carry anti national activities. Interestingly, the crucial move of government also comes after Myanmar officially rejected to recognize Rohingyas as their citizens.

The MHA advisory said, “India is a large country having its border with many countries, People in the sub-continent have a common history and share many similarities in physical looks. Due to the variety of reasons including political and economic turmoil in neighboring countries and people from such countries, often enter India. There are cultural and ethnic similarities, on many occasions such migration gets unnoticed and the settlement in the Indian Territory. These illegal immigrants not only infringe on the rights of Indian citizens but some also pose grave security challenges.”

Further informing all the states and union territories, the advisory stated that the rise of terrorism in last few decades has become a series concern for most nations. Illegal migrants are more vulnerable for getting recruited by terrorist organizations. Infiltration from the Rakhine State of Myanmar into Indian Territory especially in the recent years besides burden on the limited resources of the country also aggravates the security challenge posed to the country.

Giving the authority to all the state government and Union Territories, the MHA said in the advisory that the powers to identify and deport all the foreign nationals staying illegally in the country have also been delegated to the State Government/Union Territory Administrations.

The advisory also noted that detection and deportation of such illegal immigrants from Rakhine State, also known as Rohingyas is a continuous process. Therefore, it is essential to identify such illegal migrants/ persons and also keep a watch on their activities for preventing any untoward incident that can take place. All States/ UT Administrations are, therefore, advised to sensitize all the law enforcement and intelligence agencies for taking prompt steps in identifying the illegal migrants and initiate the deportation process expeditiously and without delay.

Earlier, while responding to a question in Parliament on Wednesday (August 9), Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju said that the government was firm on deporting about 40,000 Rohingya Muslims from the country. Notably, Rohingya's population has increased four times in the country in the last two years as in 2015, their population was estimated to have been 10,500.

Interestingly, following the clashes and absence of protection from the government, the Rohingya Muslims started to flee the country in boats. Their boats kept floating in the Bay of Bengal and along the Strait of Malacca prompting journalists to give them the name of Boat People. India being the neighbour of Myanmar, Rohingyas came to India with the hope of better livelihood and shelter as refugee. But, India does not have any specific refugee plan. So, the Rohingya Muslims, who could enter the country, started looking for jobs and settled wherever they got a source of income.


Rohingyas are ethnic Muslims of Myanmar living in Rakhine province in the Arakan region. Following clashes between dominant Buddhist communities in Myanmar, a large number of the Rohingya Muslims were forced to leave their country beginning 2012. The government of Myanmar does not recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens. They are effectively stateless people since 1982 when Myanmar passed a new citizenship law. Officially, Myanmar government refused to recognize the Rohingya as an ethnic group.In 2015, Myanmar stated that as terminology, Rohingya had "never been included among over 100 national races of Myanmar." It says that Rohingya Muslims are mainly Bengali's settling in the country illegally after Myanmar's independence in 1948 and in the aftermath of 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.

On the other hand, there are some references saying that Rohingyas had settled in the Arakan region as early as 15th century. Rohingya Muslims claim that they are native of the Arakan region. The term Rohingya is said to have its origin in word Rakhanga or Roshanga. Arakan's another local name is Rohanga.