Rift between Qatar, UAE to not have any adverse impact on Indian communities in region: Anwar Gargash
Source :NewsBharati   Date :12-Aug-2017

New Delhi, August 12: Gulf crisis seems to stretch for a longer period as both the parties including Qatar and other Arab countries doesn’t seem to back off. However, the United Arab Emirates have assured India that Gulf crisis will not have any adverse impact on Indian communities in the Gulf or on India's economic interests there.


Notably, the State for Foreign Affairs of UAE Dr. Anwar Gargash during his visit to India assured senior officials in New Delhi that recent developments in the region will have no adverse impact on Indian communities in the Gulf or on India's economic interests there. He also assured India that the four countries in question had no intention of escalating tensions in the region.

In an hour-long briefing on the extremist threat emanating from Qatar, Minister Gargash said it was not an instance of four states, some of them large, bullying a small state. "Qatar is a small, but wealthy, state using its financial means to support terrorism. This is not a matter of five Arab states in a feud."

Describing Qatar as a "financier of terror", Gargash said the list of terrorists, who have found safe haven in Doha, include many who have been conclusively sanctioned by the United Nations or the United States of America.

"Today terrorism is a global issue. No city in India or the US or Europe or anywhere else is immune from the global threat of terror. We cannot tolerate the view that a little terrorism and a little extremism is acceptable," he explained as the rationale behind the standoff. "The grey areas surrounding terrorism and extremism have to be eliminated."

Also, officials of UAE and India reviewed the progress made in achieving the target set for UAE investments in India. Minister of State M.J. Akbar expressed satisfaction over the signing of the MOU on the framework for facilitating the participation of UAE Institutional Investors in National Infrastructure Investment Fund, with Abu Dhabi Investment Authority agreeing to contribute towards the NIIF Master Fund. Dr. Gargash conveyed appreciation for the contribution of the Indian community in UAE in the development of their host country which has been an important anchor of our excellent bilateral engagement.


M.J. Akbar also expressed his satisfaction over the follow up of important decisions taken during the recent high-level bilateral visits which are contributing to building a mutually beneficial comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. He thanked UAE for contributing significantly to India's energy security, being a key supplier of crude oil to New Delhi.