Iraq sentences 27 ISIS terrorists to death over alleged role in 2014 Speicher massacre
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 12-Aug-2017

Baghdad, August 12: Iraq on Friday sentenced 27 ISIS terrorists to death by hanging over their alleged role in a massacre that killed at least 1,700 army men in 2014. Notably, a court in Iraq has given its verdict to hang 27 ISIS terrorists who played important role in a massacre of up to 1,700 army recruits in 2014.


A spokesman of for Iraq's Higher Judicial Council, Judge Abdul Sattar al-Beeraqdar said, "The Central Criminal Court issued a verdict to execute 27 defendants convicted of participating in the Speicher massacre." However, Beeraqdar also said that the decision is preliminary and can be appealed.

Interestingly, this is the second mass conviction relating to the Speicher massacre committed by ISIS members in 2014. Earlier in the year 2016, Iraq hanged 36 people for taking part in the massacre. They were executed at Al-Hoot prison in Nasiriyah province which is located south of Baghdad.

Importantly, the killings were known as the Speicher massacre because it took place at Camp Speicher, a former US base near Tikrit, after ISIS forces took control of the area. ISIS in the year 2014 released videos after the massacre that showed a line of Iraqi military recruits being marched at gunpoint. Later, ISIS posted images showing mass murders.

Later, Human Rights Watch described this massacre as the "largest reported incident" where "ISIS captured more than 1,000 soldiers fleeing Camp Speicher, then summarily executed at least 800 of them."