Conspicuously ignoring Proud heritage of India, National Museum exhibiting paintings of Mughal Monuments
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 12-Aug-2017
New Delhi, August 12: The affection and obsession for Mughal is not new for those who serve in National Museums or in Archeological Survey of India. Both institutions, largely dominated by Leftist historians, have profoundly played their role to preserve the monuments, history and moments of the barbaric attacker invaders Mughals. Not only that, both institutions have ignored the monuments of the pre-Mughal era which is the original heritage of India and always disregarded the historical footprints of those who fought against the Mughals.
Keeping this trend alive, India's National Museum has organised an exhibition of the "paintings on Islamic Monuments with scenes of Mughal Architectures" as Indian Historical Monuments. Additional Secretary of Ministry of Culture inaugurated this exhibition “Indian Historical monuments in Company Painting School” in Ajanta Hall, National Museum, New Delhi today. The exhibition will remain open to the public till 27th August 2017. The exhibition presents illustrated paintings on Indo-Islamic Monuments with scenes of Mughal Architectures made with photo realistic approach.
The exhibition will present twelve paintings from the Reserve Collection of the National Museum which only showcases the monuments from Mughal era. Not only that, the National Museum has planned to go for the temporary exhibition from the Reserve Collection of National Museum in coming months. Notably, some of the topics of those scheduled exhibitions are- Stuccos from Taxila (August 2017), Shoes and sandals from Central Asia (October 2017), Calligraphy in the Holy Quran (November 2017) and Western Art in Indian Museum (December 2017).
The National Museum's initiative of short term exhibitions must be welcomed as it could promote the unseen historical timeline for the young generation. The NM is showcasing the paintings in Company Painting School which predominantly have the Mughal era monuments. But the NM must be slammed for choice of its exhibition and timing of its start. All the paintings that the NM is presenting under the hood of art collections are called- Indo-Islamic Monuments with scenes of Mughal Architectures.
One can easily find a systemic approach in the selection of paintings, The paintings are of - Akbar’s Tomb, Railing around the Graves inside the Taj Mahal, Chini ka Rauza etc. Though there must not be any objection for display of the paintings on those topics, the shady thing on the part of the National Musium is, it has not exhibiting any real Indian historical heritage in its series of Short term exhibitions.
The conpicious ignorance of real proud History and heritage apart from Mughals is being brushed aside by the National Musium. Ironically this all is happening under the nose of the Ministery of Culture headed by Minister Dr Mahesh Sharma.The so-called initiative of the Ministry of Culture and the National Museum is condemnable as it is trying to purposely hype and glorify the Mughal era and that too on the eve of India's 70th Independence Day.
Recently the Maharashtra Government took a landmark decision to completely expunge the portions about the Mughals and the Muslim rulers before them including Razia Sultana and Muhammad bin Tuqhlaq, from the Class VII textbook.
After the decision was announced, a huge outcry and the love for the Mughals was visible via media and social media. Similarly many expressed their disgust about the great warriors like Chatrapati Shivaji and Maharana Pratap who faught against the Mughal invadors, thanks to the history textbooks written by Communist Historians pampered by Nehru and Congress.