Uttarakhand government recommends CBI probe in the re-examination of scholarships scam
Source :NewsBharati   Date :12-Aug-2017
Dehradun, August 12: Recently, University of Mumbai has received major flak on the delay of results and inappropriate expenditure of around Rs 500 crore. Education forms the crux of development in any country. In a matter similar to the Mumbai University, Uttarakhand has given birth to a scam of Rs 100 crores in scholarship given to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students by the Social Welfare Department. The government has recommended a CBI probe into the corruption scam. 

However, even before the initial investigation of the case, a CBI inquiry was recommended, but then it was decided to investigate the matter with Special Investigation Team (SIT). Within three months the inquiry report had to be submitted, but SIT has no information at all, while the timing of the deadline is also to be over.
Last year, it was revealed that in the name of students studying in private educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh and other states, scholarship was given for the admission and education of students from the Social Welfare Department. The special status is that in these private institutions no student of the state has studied.
The matter reached the Prime Minister's Office and the government was instructed to conduct the fair investigation of the case. Then there was talk of Vigilance investigation, but the matter has come. During this year code of conduct, the government handed over the investigation to the then Additional Secretary V Shanmugam. 
On the formation of the new government, the investigation was withdrawn, but till then they had submitted the initial report to the government. Initial investigations revealed the scandal of more than Rs.15 crores and there was a possibility of more. Also, the CBI investigation of the case was recommended.
Regardless, its investigation was not handed to anyone. However, under the post-matric scholarship schemes being run by the Government of Social Welfare Department, the verification of the beneficiaries studying outside the state and the state and private colleges and universities, along with the financial year 2014 Guidelines for verification of beneficiaries of 15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 are definitely given. 
On May 17, the government directed instead to investigate the case instead of the CBI, which would have to submit the report within three months. According to sources, the Chief Minister examined the matter and directed the action. This led to a revolt in governance. Sources said that on Friday, the government has recommended Chief Secretary S. Ramaswamy in connection with the investigation of the case with the CBI. 
On the other hand, Additional Secretary Social Welfare Manoj Chandran said that the matter has been presented before the High Commission to decide on the point of investigation for high approval.