Find yourself a safe and secure country, Indresh Kumar tells Hamid Ansari
Source :NewsBharati   Date :13-Aug-2017

Nagpur, Aug 13: Commenting on former Vice President Hamid Ansari’s statement that Muslims in India are not secure and feel uneasy, Indresh Kumar, senior RSS pracharak and patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) has advised Ansari to find a “safe and secure” country and settle there for the rest of his life. “He has now degraded him to the level of a communalist and fundamentalist Muslim from the high post he held for a decade,” he added.

Talking to media men here in Nagpur on Saturday on the side lines of ‘Rakshabandhan’ program being organised by MRM, Indresh Kumar said Ansari was a symbol of secularism till he adored the constitutional post. The moment he stepped down he made a statement that Muslims are feeling insecure and unease in India. By making this statement he lowered his stature to a most communal and fundamentalist Muslim, he said.

Taking a dig at Ansari Indresh Kumar said, “I do not feel that Ansari should remain in some kind of taklif, (trouble). Hence he should go to any country where he feels he will be safe and secured and settle there for the rest of his life”.

Indresh Kumar said: “For the last ten years Ansari remained one amongst 125 crore Indians, but the moment he made that observation, he not only separated himself from them but also became one amongst the fundamentalist Muslims.

He said that no Muslim has ever come in support of Hamid Ansari so far. He accused Ansari of insulting the country by making such observation. Even the prophet had praised India as a land from where he used to get a cool breeze of relief in his moments of tension. Ansari has insulted this land of eternal peace, he added.

While being VP, he looked at each political party with parity but after making this statement he confined himself to a member of Congress party only.

He has given a statement that would divide the society and break the country and by doing so he had insulted crores of Muslims in India, he said.

“I would advise him if he finds himself insecure in India, he is free to settle in any of the Muslim country of the world where he finds security. But he should keep in mind that India is that country which remained the safest place for all the religions of the world.

On the recent developments in J & K he said that MRM has launched a nationwide movement called “Quit PoK” form Aug 9 to 14 in support of the people living in PoK. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims under the aegis of MRM will burn the effigy of Pakistan and urge the government to honour the Feb 20, 1994 unanimous resolution of the Indian Parliament that resolved to retrieve every inch of our motherland forcibly occupied by Pakistan and China.

The MRM will also urge the government to either hold election or nominate representatives of those people living in PoK but consider them as Indians and fill the vacant posts in the J & K assembly.

“The people living in POK still love India. They have not completely accepted the nationality of Pakistan. They have not accepted the laws of Pakistan", Indresh Kumar said adding that their representational seats in the state Assembly and Council are still vacant even after 70 years. These seats should be filled now by 2018, either by holding elections there or by nomination, he added.