The Sun of Athletics sets in London; Usain Bolt bids goodbye to track
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 14-Aug-2017

London, August 14: Usain Bolt and the victory became synonymous in the history of athletics. The Jamaican Sprinter who touched finishing lines ahead of anyone in almost every race could not touch the finishing line in his last race. Whatever that did not affect his fans worldwide, he will remain “greatest of all time” to them forever. On the last day of his career, he again warned every athlete to not take the dishonest path of doping.

The athlete won several races and getting so much win is not that easy. Hence after a life full of stress, the sprinter only keeps fun on his bucket list. The post retirement life for him is full of relaxing and wants to spend time with his family only.

Bolt again on his last day was vocal about doping. According to him, athletes don’t need doping to get success. “I feel like athletes should get life bans. If you go out of your way to cheat to be a better athlete I feel you should get life bans, that’s a fact. We hit rock bottom last year or the year before and now we’re on our way back up. Now we have to be strict on this to help the sport stay in a good place,” the sprinter said.


During his bright sports career, he acquired 8 golden medals in Olympics. He was the first athlete to win Olympic gold medals consecutively three times in the 100-meter race and 200 races.

But his last race was not that dreamy. Like many other sportsmen who lost their last innings, he also ended same. Due to leg ramp, he could not finish the 100 meters race. But solar eclipse does take away the pride of a sun.