Japan successfully launches satellite for advanced GPS system
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 19-Aug-2017

Tokyo, August 19: For advanced GPS operation, the technologically advanced nation Japan on Saturday launched an H-2A rocket carrying a geopositioning satellite. The satellite was launched after a week-long delay. This is Japan’s third geo-positioning satellite.

The week long delay happened due to technical issues. It was feared that a possible helium leak could take place. The problem was resolved through the replacement of a related component. The launch was overseen by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

The new launch will help to position data for a range of applications, including for smartphones and vehicle navigation systems. It will also make easier to locate the people trapped in disaster.

This is the third satellite of the planned four satellite series. At the end of this year, Japan government is planning to launch the fourth satellite. "With the success of the third satellite, we have made another step closer to having signals from four satellites in the future," Masaji Matsuyama, Japan’s minister in charge of space policy, said in a statement.

It will be in charge of communications linking evacuation shelters and emergency response headquarters in times of disaster. It will complement the existing U.S. satellite network that Japan and many other countries depend on.