Rapists in Jordan can no longer escape trouble by marrying the victim now!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :02-Aug-2017
Amman, August 2: Located in the heart of Middle East, Jordan has placed a good example today. The country’s Parliament has abolished a law that allows rapists to escape punishment provided they marry the victim. The lower house of the Jordan’s Parliament voted to eliminate article 308, which allows rape charges to be dropped if the rapist marries the victim. 
Jordanian parliamentarian Wafa Bani Mustafa, who has campaigned to end the law, said last week that parents often agreed to such marriages to minimise “family shame”, but she said no girl should be “presented as a gift” to her rapist. The decision is now expected to be approved by parliament’s appointed upper house, and by King Abdullah II. When the law is repealed, Jordan will join a growing number of countries that scrapped their “marry the rapist” clause. 
Egypt was one of the first countries to repeal the law in 1999. Jordan has stood up as a very stable country and it cares about the international community. Other countries like Lebanon could now discuss the same on repealing the law. In April, campaigners hung white wedding dresses on Beirut’s seafront showing their disagreement on marrying the rapist himself.