Kremlin officially denies Reuters claim of Russian loss in Syria
Source :NewsBharati   Date :02-Aug-2017

Moscow, August 2: Russia’s over activity in Syria has been questioned in inside and outside the country. On Wednesday the news agency Reuters published a report on Russian loss in Syria. The report claimed that Russian loss in 2017 jumped to 40 persons. Regarding that Kremlin replied Russian Defense Ministry is the only official source of information about Russia's losses. It slammed Reuters by asserting that mass media can’t inform such things.

“Ten Russian servicemen have been killed fighting in Syria so far this year, according to statements from the Defence Ministry. But based on accounts from families and friends of the dead and local officials, Reuters estimates the actual death toll among Russian soldiers and private contractors was at least 40.” Reuters wrote in the report.

The report has indicated that Kremlin is hiding original data. The media also positively covers the Syria-related news. Russian Presidential election is also knocking the door. Hence Kremlin does not want any negative review right now.

To face such claim, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov clearly showed his discontent with the report. "Data comes through the Defense Ministry channels, it is necessary to be guided by this data, it is official," Peskov said.

When Peskov was asked about if Kremlin would consider review existing data, the reply was negative. Kremlin does not see any ground for re-checking data.