U.S Prez Trump to back UK after Brexit, wants US access in Britain’s agricultural markets
Source :NewsBharati   Date :02-Aug-2017
Washington, August 2: America and Britain have always been ‘good’ friends, or pretended to do so. U.S President Donald Trump has confirmed that he expects a “major trade deal” with the UK after Brexit which will include reciprocal deals in financial services and agriculture. 

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the U.S President said he wants to maintain the new relationship with Britain “as soon as it’s appropriate to have it kick in”. Trump confirmed that he would be seeking a cross-sector deal. Trump did not hesitate to wanting US agriculture to have more access in British markets. Critics have raised fears British markets could be opened up to US food products currently blocked by EU food standards rules, including controversial chlorine washed chicken.
While the President seemed suspicious of what he clearly considers an unbalanced trading relationship with the EU, he seemed confident the UK will produce the kind of deal he is looking for.
He said: "We have a very good relationship. I have a very good relationship with the Prime Minister. And we are absolutely looking to do a major trade deal." Asked when it might happen he replied: "As soon as it's appropriate to have it kick in, absolutely. And it'll be a big trade deal - much, much more business than we do right now, many, many times."