‘Total Solar Eclipse’ happening today; Not in US? You can still watch it live, Read here!
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 21-Aug-2017

Washington, August 21: While the world has been gearing up to watch ‘Total Solar Eclipse’ live which will be broadcasted by NASA today. Don’t miss this once-in-a lifetime opportunity peeps! Today in the US majorly, this eclipse will be visible as the moon will eclipse the sun, keeping the Earth in temporary darkness for a few minutes. Also known as the solar eclipse, this celestial event will take place and will be visible from North America primarily the United States. 

The eclipse route is supposed to be from Oregon to South Carolina. They will broadcast live reports from each state in the US the eclipse will cover. The eclipse is supposed to last for 100 minutes and will cover 14 states across the United States. The last solar eclipse that occurred in the US was in 1917. The total blackout period is expected to last for a few minutes along the 73-mile wide 'path of totality' that will run diagonally across the US.

For those who are not in US can still get the mesmerizing experience of watching the ‘Total Solar Eclipse’. They will get to see images, both before and after the solar eclipse, captured according to NASA, by “11 spacecraft and three NASA aircraft, 50 high-altitude balloons, and astronauts who will be aboard the International Space Station.”

Meanwhile, a live stream will take place from NASA Television and at various NASA locations. The live stream will be available on the NASA page. The "Eclipse Preview Show" will be hosted by South Carolina from 12 pm EDT (in India at 9:30 pm IST) and the Solar Eclipse will be streamed from 1 pm EDT (10:30 pm IST).