Brexit: UK publishes two more EU negotiation plans Brexit: UK publishes two more EU negotiation plans
Brexit: UK publishes two more EU negotiation plans
Source :NewsBharati   Date :22-Aug-2017
London, August 22: The negotiations between UK and EU have constantly made headlines in world news television. The Brexit negotiations are not as simple as it may have been seen by the UK. However, the British government has set out proposals to ensure the trade in goods and services can continue on the day the UK leaves the EU in March 2019. 

A position paper calls for goods already on the market to be allowed to remain on sale in the UK and EU without additional restrictions. It also calls for consumer protections to remain in place. The Brexit department aims to keep pressure on the EU ahead of the third round of talks in Brussels next week.
A second paper calling for a reciprocal agreement to ensure continued confidentiality for official documents shared by Britain with its EU partners while it was a member state has also been published on Monday.
Meanwhile, Brussels is refusing to discuss future arrangements, such as trade, until citizens' rights, the UK's "divorce bill" and the Northern Ireland border have been settled. EU leaders reiterated their stance last week as the UK published proposals about new customs arrangements.
Britain’s Brexit negotiator David Davis said, “These papers will give businesses and consumers certainty and confidence in the UK’s status as an electric powerhouse after we have left the EU.”
But European Commission spokesman Alexander Winterstein said the UK's position papers would not alter the framework for talks drawn up by chief negotiator Michel Barnier and approved by the other 27 EU member states.
The goods and services paper calls for:
Guarantees that goods on sale before exit day, in March 2019, can continue to be sold in the UK and EU, without any additional requirements or restrictions
Products that have been authorised for sale in the EU, such as approval for a certain model of a car, should remain valid in both markets after exit
UK consumer protection watchdogs should continue to have access to information about unsafe products, such as medicines and food, and "mechanisms to take action with respect to non-compliant goods"