Rajasthan govt asks centre for CBI probe in Bikaner land deal, money laundering case involving Robert Vadra
Source :NewsBharati   Date :23-Aug-2017

Jaipur, August 23: Keeping its promise of zero tolerance on corruption, the Rajasthan Government on Tuesday asked the centre to initiate a CBI investigation in alleged Bikaner land deal and money laundering case, involving Robert Vadra. 

Notably, the Home Minister of Rajasthan Gulab Chand Kataria informed publically that the State government has asked the centre to initiate a CBI probe in Bikaner land deal and money laundering case which allegedly involves Robert Vadra, a son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Vadra's firms including Skylight Hospitality were allegedly involved in the purchase and sale of 275 bighas of land in Rajasthan's Bikaner and there are four FIRs against them. Vadra is already under the scanner of the Enforcement Directorate. The agency had sent notices to the firm last year after raiding 8 places in connection with this case.

While talking to media, Minister Kataria said that the matter is very complicated and spread over several years. “We have conducted our investigations and even arrested several persons but have come to the conclusion that the case needs to be further investigated by the CBI,” the Minister added.

Kataria also noted that the lands in question were sold and resold by the owners since 2010. We feel that this large-level scam of usurping land, given as compensation to those whose land was acquired for Mahajan Firing Range, involves many more people. “Involvement of government officials cannot be ruled out as the land was registered under fake names and identities. This necessitates a CBI inquiry," Kataria added.

Robert Vadra’s company Skylight Hospitality was the third party to purchase 275 bigha land in 2010 and later sold pieces of land to the fourth party in 2012. The land was initially given as compensation to those displaced by the Mahajan Firing Range. However, actual beneficiaries never got the land, instead, allotted to false persons. The land was later sold to solar power companies.