Kolkata peeps don’t waste food! Donate leftover food to “Food ATM”
Source :NewsBharati   Date :23-Aug-2017

Calcutta, August 23: The city of joy Calcutta has never failed to show its humanitarian face to help people in misery. This time city gets “Food ATM” to help starved poor people of the city. From 15th August the ATM will start its full-fledged work. Calcutta's Famous Eatery, Sanjha Chulha has started this innovative concept.

It happens often that we cannot finish food we ordered in a restaurant or our regular meals at home. The privileged section of the society never thinks twice to waste food. But it's high time to change the habit, the new initiative is pointing that. The refrigerator installed outside the eatery is open for everyone who wants to contribute their leftover food.

The refrigerator will be monitored by camera and other systems. If the capacity reaches its highest point the alarm will inform. Hence anyone who is willing to donate food won’t be disappointed. Even there is particular help line to get the required information.

Though many volunteer organizations are working any individual wishing to join this great initiative can go there easily to help. Any hungry person can access the foods from transparent door refrigerators, no special card is needed.