Iran’s military presence in Syria to top the discussion list of Russian President Putin- Israeli PM Netanyahu talk
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 23-Aug-2017

Moscow, August 23: Syria’s six-year long civil war is bothering every nation in the region. Israel PM Netanyahu will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin today in Sochi to discuss the latest developments in the region. Iran’s accelerated attempt to establish military bases in Syria is going to top the list of issues.

In a video published by PM office of Israel on Wednesday, PM said he would discuss with Putin Iran’s “accelerated attempt” to establish a military presence in Syria. He seems concerned with Iran’s aggression. According to him, it has not lessened in the wake of the nuclear agreement. He held the problem as international rather than mere regional.

Netanyahu is now almost a frequent guest in Kremlin. Under Putin- Netanyahu regime the two nations have experienced best bilateral relation. In last five years, Israeli PM had at least eight public visits to the Kremlin.

A statement from Israel’s PM office said, ““It must be noted that in the last two years Prime Minister Netanyahu has met with President Putin every few months to discuss bilateral and regional issues with the intention of preventing any clashes between Israeli and Russian air forces in Syria, with success until now.”