New era of cold war: Latest anti-Russian sanctions by US again disappoints Russia
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 23-Aug-2017

Moscow, August 23: A new era of cold war has started between US and Russia with series of sanctions, diplomatic actions, and counter actions. The US imposed a new sanction on Russian and Chinese companies targeting North Korea. To come up with a proper response to new sanction, Russia has begun development.

"Washington has stepped on the same rake again," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said. “ This time, on the subject of North Korea. The trend towards the persistent destruction of bilateral relations, initiated by the Obama administration has been carried on," he added.

He also spoke on the worsening diplomatic tie of these countries. The sanctions are futile and an obstacle to a stable US-Russia relation.

"In theory, Washington should have learned in the past years that we do not accept the language of sanctions since actions in that vein only impede the solution of real problems," he said. "But it looks like they have failed to grasp such obvious truths for the time being."

The new sanction is from US Treasury Department.1 0 firms and six individuals, all from China or Russia have been targeted by the sanction. The sanctions mean U.S. authorities can freeze any assets the targets have in the United States, and U.S. companies and people are barred from doing business with them. US administration has argued that this step is an attempt to isolate North Korea.

In response to a previous sanction, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to cut a huge number of US diplomatic staffs in Russia. The U.S. Embassy said it was suspending all nonimmigrant visa operations across Russia on Wednesday. The operation will be resumed on September 1 but on "on a greatly reduced scale".