Russia, Turkey agree to establish fourth de-escalation zone in Syria
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 24-Aug-2017

Moscow, August 24: Russia and Turkey previously established three de-escalation zones in Syria. After having “satisfactory” outcome from the three de-escalation zones, two countries have agreed to step up efforts to establish the fourth de-escalation zone.

On 6th May, Russian Foreign Ministry published a press release stating their agreement with Turkey, Iran to form de-escalation areas in Syria. The three countries signed a memorandum guided by the provisions of UNSC resolution 2254 (2015). The initiative was told as an effort to a prompt end to violence, improve the humanitarian situation and create favorable conditions to advance political settlement of the conflict. The de-escalation zones started operating on 9th July.

"The two sides noted with satisfaction the substantial reduction in the level of violence in Syria after the establishment of three de-escalation zones as part of the ‘Astana process.’ They agreed to step up efforts to reach an agreement on the fourth zone in Idlib," Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The two sides emphasized that there is no alternative to the political settlement of the Syrian crisis in accordance with UN Security Council 2254," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.