Saudi led forces conduct series of air strikes in Yemen kills 71 civilians, dozen others injured
Source :NewsBharati   Date :24-Aug-2017

Sana’a, August 24: Yemen is been suffering from a dual attack, one is from massive civil war and another one from the outbreak of cholera. At least, 71 innocent civilians were killed and many others were injured in a series of air strikes by Saudi-led forces in several parts of Yemen.


Notably, Saudi-led forces conducted a series of air strikes in different parts of Yemen in which 71 civilians were killed and many others were injured. However, the first raids were conducted hit a small hotel near a Houthi-run checkpoint north of the capital Sanaa killed 35 civilians dozens other were injured.

Also a local television channel run by the country’s Huthi rebels, who control Sanaa, reported the roof of the hotel collapsed, leaving 35 bodies dangling from the building in the Arhab area, about 20 kilometre from Sanaa. Another air strike hit Sanhan, just south-east of the capital, killing at least six civilians and wounding 15 others. Other air raids hit the Khashm al-Bokra area of Bani Hushaesh district, damaging houses and farms.

Meanwhile, Physician Ali al-Rakmi said that there had been more than 100 people inside at the time of the attack. While, Fahd Marhab who is the head of the Umrah hospital six miles away, said there were no wounded and that all the people in the hotel were killed in the 3 am air strike. On the other side, local officials also claimed that the dead included Houthi rebels, whom the Saudis have been battling since early 2015.

The Houthis, who control Sanaa and northern Yemen, are fighting Yemen’s internationally recognized government, which is backed by the Saudi-led military alliance in a war which has killed at least 10,000 people and unleashed a humanitarian disaster.

However, The total number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen this has reached to 5,32,000 while 1998 people have died since the outbreak began to spread rapidly at the end of April. All governorates have been affected, except Socotra as 92% parts of Yemen are suffering from Cholera. Children and the elderly are the hardest hit. More than 41% of the suspected cases since the outbreak and a quarter of the deaths are children, while old people represent 30% of fatalities.