OPD services in 31 private Kolkata hospitals closed protesting ongoing violence against doctors
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-Aug-2017

Kolkata, August 26: Violence against doctors has become a threatening problem in the Bengal capital. The doctors are protesting since a long time but hooliganism is still on its way. Doctors burdened with such pressure called for an OPD closure in all private hospitals and nursing homes on Saturday. The first of its kind multi-hospital protest is being criticized.

Though the doctors are annoyed by this ongoing problem but keeping their duty towards patients they have decided to continue the emergency service. Doctors on Friday formed a body called the United Doctors' Voice of Bengal, which called for the OPD closure.

The hooliganism in CMRI hospital pushed doctors to take this decision. On Thursday, without paying the bill of 75 thousand, local Congress leader, and the followers took a patient’s discharge forcefully. From that evening, doctors of the hospital closed OPD.

This is not a distinct incident. Violence against doctors has become so common in Calcutta that the faith on patients is decreasing among doctors. This is also harming doctor-patient relation. Some innocent patients are also facing problem in this situation. Doctors of government hospitals have protested before now private hospitals are resorting to the same path.