NASA releases bone chilling images of Hurricane Harvey captured from space
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-Aug-2017
Washington, August 28: Hurricane Harvey is a three-headed hurricane which has come upon Texas’s gulf coast last Friday. The storm is expected to be the strongest tempest to hit land in the United States in over a decade. The view of the monster squall from space paints perhaps the best picture of just how large and dangerous it is.

NASA released a surreal footage of Hurricane Harvey days before the torrential rain spun a trail of destruction in Texas, US. The video, taken from the International Space Station, shows the cloud formations around the elliptical hurricane.

Over the past 24 hours it has continued to intensify and churn towards Texas, where it may impact a huge swath of the gulf coast, likely centering on the area around Corpus Christi. Evacuation orders are in place for many locales in Texas, but Harvey's march ashore may not be the least of the area's concerns. The storm is expected to stall along the coast for the next few days, dumping amounts of rain that could be measured in feet rather than inches while also bringing dangerous storm surges and tornadoes with it.
The streets in Houston were drenched and deserted last night as millions of people along the Texas coastline took stock of the devastation -- houses crushed by trees, gas stations torn to shreds, road signs blown out. Harvey is the fiercest hurricane to hit the US in more than a decade. It came ashore late on Friday about 48 kilometres northeast of Corpus Christi as a mammoth Category 4 storm with 209 kph winds.