Amid ‘domestic demand-driven recovery’, Japan govt warns of uncertainty in overseas economies
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 28-Aug-2017

Tokyo, August 28: Japan government said economy of the country has been recovering moderately. As per the indications, the country is on the way of its second longest period of economic expansion in postwar history. On Monday the government published its monthly report. The recovery is mentioned as a domestic demand-driven recovery.

The government said the economy “continues to recover moderately as a trend.” For the third straight month, it has kept the positive view. It also kept the view that capital expenditure, exports, and output were “picking up” and consumption was “picking up moderately.”

Japan’s Economic Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told reporters that "the economy is enjoying a domestic demand-driven recovery." Whereas some ruling party lawmakers called for another supplementary budget, Economy Minister ruled out the idea.

"Under current economic circumstances, I don't expect the government to submit a supplementary budget at this autumn's extraordinary parliament session," he said.

While emphasizing on recovery, the report also mentioned current uncertainties. The problem in the trade with US administration, North Korea threat globally the uncertainty has increased. “Attention should be given to uncertainty in overseas economies and the effects of fluctuations in financial and capital markets,” the report said.