Freshly erupted violence in Myanmar leaves 98 dead
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 28-Aug-2017

Yangon, August 28: Rohingya Muslim problem seems to be an unending conflict in Myanmar. In a fresh violence erupted on last Friday has left 98 dead. According to Myanmar government report, 80 among them were alleged insurgents and rest are of the police force. Thousands of panic stricken civilians from Rakhine state escaped to the border with Bangladesh, but Bangladeshi border guards are turning them back.

On Friday a group of Rohingya fighters attacked 30 police stations. The clashes continued till Saturday. Charges of killing civilians, burning down buildings and planting land mine were filed against the insurgents.

The vicious circle of Rohingya attack and the military attack continues in the poorest state of Myanmar. In last year October a same kind of insurgency emerged but in a smaller range. That also prompted a brutal military action in last year. Myanmar government has been alleged of human right violence due to this problem.

The Rohingya Muslim problem is a long lasting one in the country. For national leader Aung San Suu Kyi, this is the biggest challenge to maintain peace in the new democracy. The Buddhist community of the state has a conflict with Rohingya Muslims since a long time. Rohingyas claim government and Buddhist community for being involved in ethnic cleansing.