Physically harassed in train? Call new GRP helpline to find cops standing outside your compartment
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-Aug-2017
Mumbai, August 28: If you witness a crime in the train or become a victim yourself, you can now call directly to the police and complain about the event. This week, the government railway police (GRP) will launch a special railway helpline —1512 — to help commuters connect to the nearest on-duty policeman. This real-time response will be facilitated by an ultra-modern control room.

“This special platform will enable commuters to directly report crimes to our officers on the ground, which will ensure a quick response,” said GRP commissioner Niket Kaushik. He added that the helpline would help tackle crimes against women in a major way.
Currently, the control room staff answers commuters’ calls, then blares the information to the ground staff. By the time they respond, the train has moved on.
Once the new system is activated, the control room staff can connect the commuter to an on-duty policeman immediately, using a specially designed software. For example, if someone reports a crime on a train that has just left Dadar station, he will be connected to the GRP personnel at the next stop. “The moment the train reaches that station, the caller will find the police waiting outside his compartment,” said Kaushik.
The GRP control room receives more than 200 complaints from the three sections of the suburban railway daily. The number of calls surge during festivals or natural disasters.
The GRP, which has been facing a staff crunch, struggles to tackle crimes in its vast jurisdiction. Only 2,800 personnel from 17 police stations man 128 railway station. “We cope by deploying our staff in a strategic way,” said a senior GRP official.