North Korea tension escalates with its warning to ‘sharpen its nuclear sword’
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 28-Aug-2017

Pyongyang, August 28: North Korea tension heightens as it warned to “sharpen its nuclear sword”. It warned US by saying it would show “no mercy” in any conflict as local news agency reported. Even it did not stop there but continued to the warning of starting World War 3. 

“If the US persists in the reckless anti-DPRK moves, sanctions, and pressure, it will eventually meet a miserable fate while spending a hard time,” the statement said. “So long as the US and its forces persist with such actions and imperialism, the root cause of injustice and evils, remains, the DPRK will further sharpen its just nuclear-treasured sword in its hand and defend independence and justice with nukes and usher in a new era of national prosperity with their might,” it added.

Hence the tension escalates as North Korea launched three missiles targeting the joint military exercise of South Korea and US. Although both the country expressed that it could not overpower their joint drill instead of such provocations.

The hope of a settlement has almost become futile. Even US President Donald Trump praised North Korea for restraining its activities recently but later North Korea proved the praise was not worthy.

“Having said that, we're going to continue our peaceful pressure campaign, as I have described it, working with allies and working with China as well to see if we can bring the regime in Pyongyang to the negotiating table with a view to begin a dialogue on a different future for Korean Peninsula and for North Korea.” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is still hoping for a peaceful settlement even though  North Korea completely showed its lack of faith to any “diplomatic settlement.”