Recycling flower bouquets into incense sticks adopted by Uttarakhand CM is revolutionary!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-Aug-2017
Dehradun, August 28: Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat launched a unique ‘eco-friendly’ initiative. Being the Chief Minister of the state, Rawat receives flower bouquet everyday which eventually turns into a waste. To stop the rotting of flowers in daily basis, he has ordered to provide the bouquet he receives to the women who turn it into incense sticks. 

All bouquets received by the CM and his office are being handed over to Nari Niketan (the state-run shelter home for homeless women in Dehradun) where inmates use them to make incense sticks, thereby creating a means of livelihood for them, it said. The CM has thus “turned even bouquets of flowers into a medium of environment conservation and employment generation for the women”, the eulogizing note claimed.
A quick check, however, reveals that the initiative of giving away bouquets from the CMO and residence to Nari Niketan for recycling was originally launched by former CM Harish Rawat on October 3, 2015. But meanwhile, the initiative has been taken seriously by the current CM which is quite revolutionary.
The state’s social welfare department had tied up with a Delhi-based organization for training 50 of Nari Niketan’s mentally challenged inmates for making incense sticks from flowers. 
Recycling flowers to produce another sellable product is a great idea, isn’t it?