Iraq sentences Chemical Emir of Islamic State Zeyad Tarek to death
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 28-Aug-2017

Baghdad, August 28: Zeyad Tarek who was named as ‘Chemical Emir’ by the most dangerous terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) has been awarded the death sentence by Iraq’s Central Criminal Court for developing some of the deadliest chemical weapons.


Iraq’s Central Criminal Court on Sunday sentenced a prominent Islamic State chemical warfare developer to death, convicting him of developing some of the group’s deadliest weapons. Issuing a statement after the conviction, Abdul-Sattar Beraqdar who is a spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council said that Zeyad Tarek was sentenced to death based on the Iraqi counter-terrorism law.

Abdul-Sattar Beraqdar further said that Zeyad Tarek confessed to developing toxic weapons for the Islamic State, and had admitted using a chicken coop he owned for the purpose of manufacturing the weapons.

Earlier, Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq has publicly published an interview in which Tarek has revealed that he was arrested in Lebanon after an intelligence operation that succeeded in retaking him back to Iraq. He was ambushed outside an embassy in Lebanon where he was applying for asylum.

Tarek also admitted that one of the rockets he had developed could fire for a 20-kilometer range. The council’s paper said several militants arrested for manufacturing chemical weapons and booby-traps had pointed during interrogations to Tarek’s facility.

Interestingly, Iraqi investigation agencies and international agencies had earlier reported of suspected chemical attacks by IS militants during the government’s U.S.-backed military campaign against the group in Mosul, its former capital which Iraqi forces recaptured early July.