Doklam Standoff: Chinese troops withdrawn, but Dragon not in good humour
Source :NewsBharati   Date :29-Aug-2017
Doklam, August 28: Though the Indian Foreign Minister spokesperson announced Monday morning that India and China have 'agreed to expeditious disengagement of border personnel at face-off site in #Dokalam', China is not giving the same message with the same spirit as India.

While India MEA statement was saying that troops of both India and China are withdrawing from the Doklam region, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying was confirming Indian troops and equipment had ‘pulled back’ but she didn't declare retrieval of Chinese troops and said that the "Chinese troops continue to patrol on the Chinese side of the boundary."
It was designed propaganda warfare by the Chinese MOFA executed well by the Chinese Media to ‘declare’ India is backing off and not China. Continuing their government’s line, Chinese media was saying that "India has withdrawn its troops from heated Doklam and not China", more than that, the Chinese media in one voice announced that China will continue to guard its border near Doklam. Meanwhile, the reality is, the troops of China have returned to their positions where they were on June 16. Similarly, Indian troops are also brought to the Indian Borders. The Land of Bhutan is free.
The withdrawal of Chinese troops from the land of Doklam is definitely a big win for the diplomatic excellence showed by India. This is evident of the changed mindset of both China and India. The Nation has come out of the shackles of the 1967 dogma, which was lodged in Indian psyche by the Congress, the Left and the Leftist Pro China elements overpowering the Media space.
This is also a slap in the face of some Indian media who were actually acting as a Chinese agent to pressurize Government and confuse people about the Doklam standoff.
The standoff at Doklam had many dimensions. First, it was a hard to crack the nut with the crackpot China who has been a headache for every Nation sharing a boundary with the expansionist neighbour.
first, let's see the Chinese version of bilateral relations. While the Indian government statement said that both China and India "disengagement", but Chinese spokesperson Hua Chunying did not mention the withdrawal of China. When asked to explain this, Chinese spoke said that – “China has shown that the Indian side cross-border personnel and equipment have all been withdrawn from the Indian side of the border”. She emphatically told the media that Chinese border guards would continue to patrol in Long hole area. She stressed that China will continue to exercise its sovereign rights in accordance with the provisions about the history of the industry, safeguard territorial sovereignty.
This Chinese version is just gloomy, mendacious and not trustworthy.
The Doklam standoff has certainly restricted and dented China’s image as a Bully, an expansionist who can not be challenged nor controlled. But when Indian troops entered the scenario of Doklam to halt the aggression of Chinese troops in the region, it was a spade a spade for China who started foul cry announcing India’s aggression. For China, it was hard to swallow India bossing around and take on them.
China has blamed India for the whole mess accusing Indian troops to illegally crossing the Sino-Indian Seychelles section and bounded into China's Donglang area on June 18.
Chinese Spokesperson says that the Chinese government gives importance to developing good - neighbourly and friendly relations with India.
Ironically, those words don't show the inner commitment and it is clear that the Dragon will try to settle the Dolkam score with India, but where, we will have to see. Till then utmost care and watchfulness is the Mantra for Indian Govt, Army and people.