India's foreign policy turned the nation into 'rule-maker' rather than 'rule-taker' under PM Modi's leadership
Source :NewsBharati   Date :03-Aug-2017
New Delhi, August 3: A country needs to have a strong foreign policy to flourish properly. Even domestic growth is also related to systematic engagement with foreign partners. In 2014, when Prime Minister Modi took over the charge the foreign policy of India started changing. BJP government under PM Modi's leadership has restored a very deep sense of mutuality to foreign countries. On Thursday, BJP MP Dr Vinay P. Sahasrabuddhe talked at length in Rajya Sabha discussing India’s foreign policy. The systematic articulation by Dr Sahasrabuddhe will make anyone understand the flow and objective of India’s foreign policy under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Here are the highlights of Dr Sahasrabuddhe's speech:

Purposeful policy:
One of the most important things in Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy is a robust sense of purpose. He invited South Asian country heads to India for maintaining a regional stability. He visited Israel for as 1st Indian PM to engage with developed Israeli technologies. He has taken diplomatic ties far ahead. Everything he did was with a particular objective. When he visited Japan he met Japanese Scientists.
Compliments from world leaders:
Whereas PM Modi has been criticized for his foreign tours, the world leaders praised him. US President Trump was happy with Modi’s visit instead of all past conflicts. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has praised Modi for maintains such a balanced relation despite all the obstacles. He has been able to balance relations with China and Russia. Most importantly wherever he visited he strengthened the bilateral ties.
One significant feature of India’s foreign policy is that we have harmonious relationships with every country but on our terms only. Indian compromise has never been compromised. That is why India’s foreign policy has successfully helped domestic growth. The relations are more authentic.
PM Modi’s Israel visit:
Indian foreign policy was crippled with hesitation. Israel visit is a very prominent example of that. India has a good relation with Palestine but that does not mean it cannot engage in a bilateral relationship with Israel. When the countries are trying to make a unity why Indian should be left in an old era.
NRI Participation:
NRI Community has also been engaged in India’s development. There is a trust where NRIs can submit money for development of their own village, own community. This is a brilliant idea to engage everyone.
Promotion of Indian language:
Another important aspect is the use of Indian language, especially Hindi while dealing with other countries. If Chinese leaders converse in Chinese, Japanese leaders in Japanese languages, then India also can do so. It may seem small but very remarkable.
Rule Maker India:
The surgical strike has given an important lesson to Pakistan. The importance has been retaliated by India. India has made Pakistan understand Indian power. In international forums like Paris accord India has played an important role. Then Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar handled the situation very well. The decisions were in India’s favor. India played an important role to make Paris accord happen. Hence India instead of remaining just a rule taker has become rule maker.

Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe is also serving as National Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party.