PM Modi's letter touched Pranab da's heart; what remains is bonding than being Political
Source :NewsBharati   Date :03-Aug-2017
New Delhi, August 3: The veteran politician of India, Pranab Mukherjee always has been in the front row of Indian Politics. From taking the responsibility as Finance minister to serve the nation as President of India; his contribution to country’s governance is unquestionable. On 25th July, he completed his presidential term and bade goodbye to Raisina Hills. On the last day of office, “dear Pranab da” received a letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The letter has touched the heart of the former president. 

Narendra Modi took his charge as Prime Minister of India. Directing a nation is challenging for everyone despite the fact how big politician may be. So it may surprise us but Modi was also nervous as an “outsider” in Delhi. He thanked his “Pranab da” for mentoring him. In the letter, he termed the former president as a father figure for him. 

A true leader is that person who not only leads but also teaches another leader. Pranab Mukherjee a great leader shared his insights on topics ranging various issues like the policy to politics, the economy of external affairs, security issues. PM Modi has thanked him for the guidance.


Despite the difference of their political ideologies, they bonded well. PM mentioned that two different parties may shape their political discourse but that never affected the unity. As our Prime Minister was Chief Minister of Gujarat, he mentioned that he had the experience of state administration. Pranab Mukherjee’s long involvement in national policies helped him to take insights.

The relation of them is really like two brothers. PM would get a mandatory call after his foreign trips or long meetings from his dada. Pranabda used to ask PM if he is taking proper care of his health.

PM has ended his letter mentioning the fact that he may retire but his legacy will continue to guide Politicians. His long political life is an inspiration for people of India.